Sustainable Ranching



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Sustainable Ranching

Bodega Pastures is a beautiful 1000-acre sheep ranch located in west Sonoma County just outside of Bodega, California. Bodega Pastures Sheep are managed in an organic and humane way. We research and utilize grazing and management methods that protect both sheep and the native coastal prairie ecosystem.  We rotate our flock to avoid damage to land, maintain healthy pastures, and avoid predators.

Our sheep live a good life on pasture, eating grass and drinking spring water that flows from high on our ridges. They are not confined. We farm ecologically; we do not overstock our land and we have fenced our sheep out of our creeks.

We do not spray our fields for weed control nor do we dip our sheep for parasites. We do not inject our sheep with hormones to increase their rate of weight gain or to make them breed out of season. We do not routinely give our sheep medication. Instead we practice natural, ecological, ethical, sustainable ranching.

Our sheep eat grasses, clover, and forbs. Prior to our midwinter lambing, we supplement our ewes' feed with hay, which is grown on our ridge spines and bottom fields. Around the time of birth, we also feed our sheep alfalfa from California and Oregon, according to the ewes' and lambs' needs.

Corriedale, Romney, Suffolk, and Churro breeds are represented in our flock.  Our mixed flock is bred for wool color and texture, hardiness and meat quality.  Our wool is prized by handspinners, knitters and weavers.  The meat is tender and delicious.

                   Photo by Jerry Dodrill

Predator control is managed by guard dogs, and Llamas and nightly herding into pens.
Photo by Eli Bynum

Photo by Lorene Warwick


For more information contact:bodegapastures@bodeganet.com