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Summer 2022 harvest is complete now. 
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Here is a chance to buy grass-fed lambs direct from a local grower. Many people are surprised to find that lamb raised on the range is affordable when they buy direct.  What’s more, our minimum amount (a 20-25 lb half-lamb) fits fine in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. And it can be cut exactly as you want.  Our lambs are ready by mid-June through July.

Grass-fed meat has many health advantages both for sheep and for consumer.  Grass is the sheep’s natural diet.  It’s digestive system is not fully equipped for a concentrated diet of grain.

“Compared with grain-fed meat, grass-fed meat has as much as four times more vitamin E, five times more cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), three times more heart friendly omega-3s, and twice as much betacarotene. It is also lower in calories, total fat, and saturated fat.” (Jo Robinson, eatwild.com.)

Our meat has not been exposed to synthetic hormones or antibiotics. We do not inject our sheep with hormones to increase their rate of weight gain or to make them breed out of season. We do not routinely give our sheep medication of any kind. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are applied to the fields. Instead we practice natural, ecological, ethical, sustainable ranching.

So what’s the deal?

Our lambs are normally ready in early July.  We sell you a lamb, or by sharing with another customer, half a lamb, at $8.99 per lb. of “hanging weight” meat.  We will help you arrange for its butchering to your specifications. A very good price for great tasting, grass-fed, healthy, and local lamb!

Please contact Alyssum Revallo with questions regarding timing, pick-ups and ordering our delicious grass fed lamb.

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For more information contact:lamb@bodeganet.com